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Breakfast is set up as self-service in order to not limit guests with a tight schedule and to better follow the covid 19 provisions, by keeping well separated each room’s products and, as a consequence, to minimize gatherings between guests.


With the exception of attending to specific needs of certain guests, such as allergies and intolerances, our criteria of choice in products is providing typical, quality local products chosen carefully with the aim of letting the guests fully experience Salento’s culture, while also providing the usual products, maintaining the same level of quality, found in the standard Italian breakfast.

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The products provided in our B&B are only bought from the best pastry shops of our territory and in some occasions directly prepared by our «home chef» Patrizia.


In any case, the way we pick our ingredients and the way we handle them is always in full respect of sanitary norms, with the certifications that guarantee the safety of the products for our guests.

Alimentary safety is guaranteed by this certificate, first issued in 2017 and recently renewed in 2021.


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The beauties of Gallipoli do not end with the wonderful old town, or the clean beaches and crystal clear sea, or the speciality of the local gastronomy.


Some 'pearls' are rightly protected and 'hidden' in order to preserve their precious natural integrity.


One of these is the Island of Sant'Andrea, which is part of the Regional Nature Park, together with Punta Pizzo, and can only be reached by boat.


Approaching to this marvellous island, enjoying those beauties and the splendid sea with its seabed rich in Posidonia meadows, admiring the Audouin's seagull communities that populate the island and much more is now possible thanks to the Boat Service offered by our facility.


A programme of exclusive, personalised excursions which, depending on weather conditions and available time, may include swimming stops or suggestive Salento aperitifs at sunset or, for sports enthusiasts, fishing tourism activities.















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